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2-3 Year Old Program

Program Details

Our 2-3 program is the perfect introduction to school for little ones!  With lots of opportunities for play and exploration, these classes allow our youngest preschoolers to shine.  Your child will learn social skills while making new friends and developing their self confidence.  Independent play with loving and careful guidance allows students to:

  • Develop social skills

  • Encourage creativity

  • Learn to problem solve

  • Build motor skills

Students have an opportunity to mingle with older children to learn skills such as good listening and following directions during Song & Story Time, Playground Time and other special events.


Structure is provided through:

  • Song & Story Time

  • Playground/Outside Time (Fellowship Hall during cold days)

  • Open Center Play

  • Science and Sensory

  • Art and Music

  • Special activities

Potty training is not required in our 2-3 year old classes.

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