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Our Curriculum

The preschool curriculum is designed with lots of time for learning through play and socializing with other children. Each program emphasizes age appropriate activities to develop the necessary concepts and motor skills in an enriching environment. Our teachers utilize the Handwriting Without Tears program to teach fine motor, literacy, and math skills though developmentally appropriate, play-based activities.  Our goal is that each child will have a positive feeling about school and learning that will last them throughout their lives.

Open Center Time: This is a self-directed playtime in which the children may explore the many games, toys, and books in the classroom with their friends. The teacher will work with the children individually teaching and reinforcing concepts and skills using a wide variety of activities.

Circle Time: The teacher leads the children in calendar and weather activities. Books relating to the unit are read and discussed. The teacher presents new skills and concepts through a variety of games and activities. 

Art Projects: This time is used to develop readiness and fine motor skills in directed and open ended activities using a variety of materials.

Dramatic Play: The children interact and learn to play with others using their imaginations in our dramatic play area.  The area is changed regularly to provide new experiences based on the children's interests.  It might be a kitchen, then a pizza parlor or even a hospital! 

Music Time: Our music program includes singing, fingerplays, rhythym band, exercise, dramatization and dancing. 

Outside Time: This time includes gross motor activities on the playground as the weather permits. During inclement weather, we have activities set up in the "Fellowship Hall". 

Special Parties: Our teachers plan, prepare and direct a Halloween and Valentine Party. Parties consist of simple games, craft and snack. 

Special Days: Special days include our Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Program, Dad's Night Pumpkin Carving, Mother's Tea, PreK Graduation, and a special end of year family picnic. All special days include songs, treats, art projects, and fellowship for children and families of St. Luke's preschool. The experience builds community and fellowship.

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