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3-4 Year Old Program

Program Details

St. Luke's 3-4 year old program expands and builds on the skills taught in our younger classrooms.  

  • Confidently identifying and counting numbers 1-10

  • Confidently identifying colors and basic shapes

  • Confidently reciting and recognizing the alphabet

  • Letter formation

  • Name recognition & writing of name

  • Refining fine and gross motor skills: pencil and scissor grip, balance, hand-eye coordination, etc.

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The 3-4 year old curriculum introduces concepts through fun themes each week. Circle time allows students to learn with social interaction, collaboration, and observation of their classmates.  Art activities, as well as motor skill activities, help to reinforce what students are learning, and students begin to show much more confidence, independence, and ownership in their class projects.


The school year is sprinkled with interesting activities, such as science experiments and special visitors.  And of course, we continue to strengthen the children's social skills and school/home connection with performances and events for families and friends.


Children in our 3-4 classes must be independent and self sufficient when using the restroom.

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