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St. Luke's Preschool February Review

It's hard to imagine that spring is just around the corner, and we are in the final 3 months of school! With February being a short month, we still managed to fit A LOT into our days.

Rather than provide a weekly review, we are giving you highlights from February and photo galleries. Enjoy!

Highlights from 3s

  • We learned about the Groundhog and checked for our shadows. We discovered that on Groundhog's day, the sun was shining and so he saw his shadow. Luckily, we've been blessed with some fortunate weather!

  • During Heart week, we had show-n-tell and talked about hearts. We learned how to identify the heart shape, and we made Valentine crowns.

  • We had an awesome Valentine Party with scooter races and parachutes, a Valentine exchange and lots of sweet treats!

  • This month, we also talked about Presidents.

  • We started working on the "rectangle."

Highlights from 4s

  • February's letter units were "Gg," "Hh," "Ii," "Jj," "Kk," "Ll," "Mm," and "Nn."

  • We planted grass seeds and watched them grow for "Gg" week.

  • We made special Valentine coupons for our parents (we hope the moms & dads appreciated the coupons, and maybe you've "redeemed" your coupon!).

  • We decorated boxes for our Valentine Party, and exchanged Valentines.

  • We had lots of fun and partied hard!

  • We did some "monkeying" around for "Mm" week and learned about money.

  • We started to learn about Dr. Suess stories.

Highlights from Time To Grow

  • Our letter units for this month included "Oo," "Pp," and "Qq."

  • We made craft "oreos" that were delicious :)

  • We went on a field trip to Pizza Hut where we got to make our own pizzas!

  • We had a blast with our Valentine Party.

  • We continued learning about solids and liquids, and measuring with parts and counting in cooking, making: oatmeal, pancakes, and quesadillas.

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