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Week In Review: January 9-12

Students arrived refreshed from break and ready to learn this week. On top of our new units, students were also hard at work preparing worksheets and projects to demonstrate what they've learned so far in preparation for our upcoming conferences. Here is a quick review of what took place in school this week:

Our kiddies in the 3s classes began working on their shapes. This week was all about circles and snowmen. Very appropriate for this time of year. Help your student solidify what they've learned by identifying circular objects around your home.We also enjoyed fun motor skill activities, such as playing catch and bean bag toss.

Students in the 4s group continued with their work on the alphabet. This week we learned about the letter "Dd" and dinosaurs. We also took a field trip to Dierberg's and received a tasty treat from the bakery. Ask your child about the things they learned on your next trip to the grocery store!

In Time To Grow, we focused on the letter "Mm" and mouse. In cooking class on Tuesday, we got to make delicious milkshakes using frozen yogurt and milk. We had fun scooping, pouring and helping with the blender. We also welcomed a new student to our class, whose name appropriately begins with the letter "M," Mikaela!

Don't forget that next week is our conferences on Wednesday for 4s, and Thursday for 3s and TTG. There will be no school on these days for students in 3s, 4s and TTG. KIDS DAY OUT will be in session on Wednesday morning.

Also, this is a reminder that private registration for the 2017-2018 school year has begun. If you did not receive a registration form, please see Mrs. Cahill. Public registration will begin in February.

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