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St. Luke's Preschool January News

Welcome to 2017! We hope you've all had an enjoyable holiday season, and the students had a fun-filled break. Here's a look at what's in store for our students in January:

3's News: We begin focusing on developing fine and gross motor skills. Although many of our activities up to now have included motor skill development, this month will see a greater emphasis on these skills. Our craft activities will be more focused on developing fine motor skills, such as pencil grip and grasping a scissors. Physical activities such as jumping games and ball-catching will help strengthen large motor skills. Academically, children will continue work on identifying basic shapes and reviewing colors and numbers. Check your calendars for special show and tell days for your child! We will also schedule conferences this month. See below for details.

4's News: Our 4 year-olds will continue working on the alphabet. This month's letter units will be "Dd," "Ee," "Ff," "Gg," and "Hh." Many of our art activities will be associated with the letters each week. We will have units on snow, dinosaurs, hibernation and germs! "Ee" week will focus on EXPERIMENTS, so if you have any science activities that are age-appropriate and would like to share, please let Mrs. Cahill know so she can schedule you to help. We will culminate the month with conferences. See below for details.

Time To Grow: Time To Growers will have another busy bee month! We'll continue working on letter recognition and word formation, as well as patterning to help with their reading skills. There will also be some math activities incorporated into some of their cooking projects. Our field trip this month will be to the Magic House for "Mm" week!

CONFERENCES: Conference days are scheduled for this month and a sign-up sheet will be posted. We are allowing 15 minutes per session. There will be NO REGULAR CLASSES scheduled on the following days:

  • 3s - Thursday, January 19th

  • 4s - Wednesday, January 18th

  • TTG - Thursday, January 19th

We ask that your child does not come into the room with you during your conference time. There will be tables set up in the large room with crayons and paper, as well as toys to help occupy your child's time. If for some reason you cannot make it and would like to request a new meeting, or a conference by phone, please let us know! We appreciate your help in keeping conferences to 15 minutes.

PRIVATE REGISTRATION: January is the time to register for the 2017 school year. More information and registration forms will be coming home with your child in the first few weeks of January. Check those book bags! Students already attending St. Luke's Preschool, siblings and church members will have first choice to sign up until January 31st. There are only 10 spots in the Time-To-Grow program, and applications are taken on a first-come, first-served format.

PUBLIC REGISTRATION: Registration will open up to the general public on February 1st. If you have enjoyed your experience at St. Luke's, and know friends or neighbors with preschool-aged children, we would appreciate the referral!

NO SCHOOL: Mark your calendars! There will be no school on the following days:

  • Monday, January 16th - MLK Day

  • Wednesday, January 18th - Conferences

  • Thursday, January 19th - Conferences

SNOW DAYS: As winter goes, there may be cancellations due to the weather. We will follow Parkway School District for school closings due to snow or ice. Watch local television stations for Parkway school district closings. Also, be sure to join our Facebook and Twitter pages, or sign-up on our website to receive text message alerts for any weather-related announcements. Please send your child with the proper winter outerwear during these winter months. That includes hats and gloves. We will go out unless it's close to freezing. They really need the fresh air, even if it's for 10 minutes. Thanks!

REMINDER: We are a peanut free/nut free school. The unfortunate reality is that peanuts/nuts can pose a life-threatening risk for people with a severe allergy. Keep this in mind when you bring a snack to share, and lunch bunch meals. Be sure to check labels. Thank you for your cooperation.

Stay warm!

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