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St. Luke's Week In Review: Nov. 28 - Dec. 2

Our students returned from Thanksgiving vacation refreshed and ready to dive head first into Christmas. They were all happy to be back and to see their friends, for which we were very pleased.

We continued to develop motor skills, basic color, number and letter recognition, and shapes for the 3s and 4s last week by focusing on our first Christmas-themed unit: gingerbread. Our 3-year olds enjoyed learning about the story of the Gingerbread Man, and the 4s got crafty working on gingerbread houses.

In our Time To Grow class, students learned about the letter "k." We made rice krispie bars, and practiced writing words that start with the letter k. We also worked on our "Special Me" book for the month of December.

Lastly, students started learning their songs for our upcoming Christmas program. Continue to encourage your children at home if you hear them practicing.

Enjoy the week in review in photos!

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