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St. Luke's Preschool October News

Fall is here and the children are settling in and making new friends. Ocotober will be filled with lots of activities and things to do. We will do lots of cutting, pasting, coloring, and all kinds of fun fall activities!

PICTURE DAY: Say "cheese!" The photographer will be here on Wednesday, October 12 & Thursday, October 13 to take individual pictures and class photos. Please see below under Important Dates to see when your child's session will be. If you have a younger child and would like their picture taken, please feel free to come up anytime during school hours and the photographer will be happy to help you. Look for pictures to arrive in about 4 weeks. They've been promised in time for Christmas cards. Please remember to turn in your order form on or before this day.

INCLEMENT WEATHER PICK-UP POLICY: In the event of inclement weather during after school pick-up, we advise parents to park your car and come inside the school. The front door will be open. Students will be in the hall in severe weather protocol. Parents may leave the school at your discretion. This applies when a severe weather alert has been issued for the area. We invite you to sign-up on our homepage to receive text message alerts from our SMS provider, Rained Out, for cases of emergency. You may also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive special announcements. Our students' safety is of the utmost importance, and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please feel free to talk to Sue Cahill about any questions or concerns.

DAD'S NIGHT: This year's "Dad's Night" event will be Thursday, October 20th. Please have dad bring a pumpkin to carve that has already been cleaned inside, along with any carving utensils. Due to the limited time that evening, please keep the carvings simple. Students are also invited to dress up in their Halloween costumes (Dad's feel free to dress up too!). A light snack will be served after the carving activities. We are looking forward to a BOOOtiful night! Don't forget a camera and/or video. Please see below in Important Dates for specific event times.

HALLOWEEN PARTY: We will culminate the month with a Halloween Party! The party moms may contact you for help with planning, baking and party games. We are asking the children to come dressed in their costumes on the day of their Halloween Party. All parents are welcome to attend the parties. Please see below in Important Dates for specific date and time information.

Our pick-up policy for days when we have our parties is for the parent to come in and pick your child up. It is a very confusing day for us and with so many parents here, it makes it very confusing for the children as well. Thank you for your added help.


3s - This month, our units will be covering the fall season and changes in weather, safety, and Halloween. We will be learning about fall leaves and their colors, and counting the numbers 2, 3, 4, & 5. Look for the special show and tell days on the calendar. This month, bring something orange and don't forget to wear orange on this day.

4s - This month we will learn to count and recognize the numbers 4, 5, 6 & 7. We will also talk about our Phone Number and Address to tie in with our unit on Safety. Look for these activities in your child's book bag. Practice them at home with your child.

Time To Grow - This month, our units will be covering the fall season and changes in weather. We will cover the letters E, F, G and their sounds. Units will coordinate with the letters: E=Elephant, F=Fish and G=Goat.

If you have any books or interesting information on these things, you may send them to school with your children. We will also continue reviewing number recognition, and understanding what each number means. The mosaic looking blocks your child will be bringing home are a very important rereading activity called "patterning." Look for these to get increasingly complex. This is also an excellent activity to help the children focus. We will finish the month with a unit on Halloween and give the children a break from the alphabets. This is such a fun time of year for children and we want them to really enjoy Halloween.


  • October 4 - Bike Day for 3s class. Please bring your child's wheels and helmet to school so we can ride our bikes and learn important safety rules about riding and crossing the street.

  • October 7 - Bike Day for 4s class. Please bring your child's wheels and helmet to school so we can ride our bikes and learn important safety rules about riding and crossing the street.

  • October 10 - 4s class will take a field trip to the Fire Department for our Fire Safety Week.

  • October 11 - 3s class will enjoy a visit from the West County EMS & Fire Department. Please talk to your child ahead of time about the firemen being their friend.

  • October 12 - Picture Day for Kids Day Out, 4's and Time To Grow. Please prepay by October 12th.

  • October 13 - Picture Day for 3's. Please prepay by October 13th.

  • October 13 - Time To Grow field trip to the pumpkin patch.

  • October 20 at 5:30PM - Dad's Night for 3s and Time To Grow families.

  • October 20 at 6:30PM - Dad's Night for 4s families.

  • October 27 at 10:30AM - 3s Halloween Party.

  • October 31 at 10:30AM - 4s Halloween Party.

  • October 31 at 2:00PM - Time To Grow Halloween Party.

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