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St. Luke's Week In Review: Sept. 26-30

The last week of September focused on fall. Students in the 3's and 4's classes talked about "autumn" and the changing leaves. We learned about why leaves change color as the temperatures get cooler. The kids got outside to collect a variety of leaves which were used in leaf rubbing and painting projects. We looked at the different colors, shapes and sizes of leaves that were collected, and tied it in to one of our very first topics of the school year: diversity. It was a great way to wrap up our first month of school.

Our color unit for 3's and 4's was the color "yellow." Mrs. Cahill brought out her magic yellow bag and we examined all different types of objects that were the color "yellow."

In our Time To Grow class, students learned about the letter "D." In cooking class, we made Dressing and learned about measuring and how butter turns from a solid to a liquid when it is heated up. We also went Digging for Dinosaur bones. The students also got to keep a couple of bones to bring home with them.

As we head into October, students will be busy with, among other things, preparing for their first parent event: Dad's Night. Be on the look out for more information about this special event. You will probably hear your child "practicing" their program at home. Don't be afraid to encourage them to sing for you...unless they want to keep it a secret for the big night!

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