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St. Luke's Jan. "4s Preschool Newsletter"

We will be involved in many winter activities with the children. We'll talk about letters D, E, F, G, and H. Many of our art activities will be associated with the letters each week. We will have units on snow, dinosaurs hibernation and germs! We're doing a week of EXPERIMENTS during "E" week, so if you have any neat ones you want to share, please let Mrs. Cahill know so she can schedule you. We'll culminate the month with Conferences. We appreciate parents helping us to keep conferences to 15 minutes!

REGISTRATION: January is priviate registration for the 2016 school year. More information and registration forms will be ocming home with your child the first few weeks of January. Check those book bags! Students already attending St. Luke's Preschool, siblings and church members will have first choice to sign up until January 31st. There are only 10 spots in Time-To-Grow, and applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Thanks!

PUBLIC REGISTRATION: Registration will open to the public starting February 1st. Please pass this information along to your friends, and neighbors!

CONFERENCES: Conference days are scheduled for this month and a sign-up sheet will be posted. We are allowing 15 minutes for each conference. There will be NO REGULAR CLASSES scheduled Wednesday, January 20th for the 4-year olds. We'll have toys and color sheets available with crayons and papers for children who are waiting. If conference dates represent a scheduling conflict, please let us know and we can set up a conference by phone or on another day.

NO SCHOOL: There is NO school on Monday, January 18th due to Martin Luther King Day. There is also NO school on Wednesday, January 20th: Conferences only.

SNOW DAYS: As winter goes, there may be cancellations due to the weather. The preschool will follow Parkway School District for closings due to snow or ice. Please watch local TV stations or KMOX radio for Parkway School District closings. Please send appropriate winter outerwear for the winter months. We need all children to have hats, warm coats and gloves as we go out unless the temperatures are freezing. It is important they get some fresh air, even if it's for 10 minutes. Thanks!

REMINDER: We are a peanut free/nut free school. The unfortunate reality is that peanuts/nuts can pose a life-threatening risk for people with a severe allergy. Keep this in mind when you bring snacks for the classroom or for lunch bunch meals. Be sure to check labels. Thank you for your cooperations.

Happy New Year!

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